Mayura Davda-Shah

Mayura Davda-Shah

Social Change Maker,

Mayura Davda-Shah has pursued her higher studies in USA - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Certification in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Purdue University where she co-invented a mechanism for a wheelchair to help users navigate curbs. She then worked as an engineer at Gulfstream Aerospace - a private jet manufacturing company, where she practiced intrapreneurship in her projects using the cutting-edge 3D printing technology and much more. She later pursued her Masters in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Management at Babson College, USA where she co-founded Facet, an ecosystem bringing fine global artisanal goods, conscious consumers, and some of the world's most creative and skillful makers together.

Since her return to India, she is exploring ideas for problem-solving in the Indian market while also working with Precision Foundation to have a social impact through her experience in entrepreneurship and innovation.





Auditorium, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Khadki, Range Hill Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411020

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